TTT - General rules and FAQ

Trouble in Terrorist Town

TTT - General rules and FAQ

Postby Fenrir » Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:24 pm

Hello guys,

as many of you havent played TTT before and now want to play there is some stuff you are going to know first.

What is TTT and what you need to do?

Are there any rules I have to know?

General Rules:

Innocent terrorists are only allowed to shot when they see traitorously behavior. Random deathmatch is forbidden!
Players are not allowed to say a Player is Kill on Sight (KOS) or hurt/kill him without a prove, such behavior is forbidden as Detective or Innocent.
Hacking, Bug using, Cheating or glitching will get you banned!
No spamming in Voicechat!
Member and the lower ranks are only allowed to use their kick permission, when no Operator/Admin is present!
Don’t waste time as a Traitor, waste of time is inappropriate!
Don’t kill anyone who breaks the rules, report them to an Admin/Operator or start a votekick!
You are not allowed to kill Players who are AFK (away from keyboard) as an Innocent or Detective.
Trolling of Players, like running after a person with an explosive barrel is a kick/ban reason if you don’t stop.
Random votekicks or random votebans will be punished.
As an spectator you aren’t allowed to hurt or attack any living Player.
Metagaming and Ghosting will be punished with a permanent ban.
Innocents are only allowed to carry Traitor guns/equipment when the detective gave him the permission to.
The Only Person who is allowed to give instructions is the Detective.
There is no responsibility in using the traitor tester.
If you are being followed, you have to warn the person who is following you 3 times before starting to shot.
Prop surfing is allowed but a KOS reason.
Innocents are only allowed to attack the Detective, when he attacked/hurt them before or if there’s a reasonable suspicion of the use of an advanced Disguiser by a Traitor.

KOS/Kill Reasons:

A Player hurts/attack another Player.
A player is standing next to an unidentified body and without identifing it.
A player is running around with an identified Traitor corpse or a corpse with DNA and refuses to drop it (you have to warn him first).
A Player killed another Player who wasn’t a Traitor.
A Player is holding a Traitor weapon, without the permission of the Detective.
A Player destroys a Tester or Detective equipment.
Random shooting can be seen as an traitorous act.

Do I need to keep the rules?

YES! If everyone keeps the rules is important, otherwise this game will makes no sense and can be renamed into ET|DEATHMATCH and we dont want that, do we?
If you break these rules you will probably get !slayed, !kicked or even !banned temporaly just like on our other servers. I also asked every #ET|Memebers to keep the rules because we don't want to lose the few guests we are having at the moment.

Thank you for your attention and I hope to see you on server someday :) :) :)

EDIT: Ofcourse if you have suggestions for new rules/maps/addons and stuff like that feel free to post it here :)

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