Announcing Updates For CS:GO Server

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Announcing Updates For CS:GO Server

Postby Ege » Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:10 pm

I have just uploaded a leveling/ranking plugin called Stamm.
I don't know how to use fancy words while creating a topic, let me explain simply. This plugin as i've said is a Ranking plugin, we had !rank before and this is better version (i hope) of !rank plugin, what this plugin does is it gives you points and as you go on, you get new ranks each time you hit a milestone.

Here are the milestones for now:
  • Rookie 0 (Default)
  • Silver 1000
  • Gold 1500
  • Platinum 2000
  • Diamond 2500
  • God 3000 (You get the God tag in-game)
  • ETernal 5000 (Special in-game feature when you hit this rank.)

You get 1 point in 3 occasions :
  • One Kill
  • Each Round Start
  • Time (3 minutes)

(There is a cringy level up sound when you hit a milestone aswell, look out for that!)

There is another plugin installed, type !helpmenu in chat to see the help menu (duh).

And yeah about the CLAN meeting that happened today was a real good success,

This could be a record.
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Okay, to be honest, this server as it goes is a Competitive server and has all the needed plugins it needs, all the configurations are done. (Unless there are new suggestions) The server is ready to go. These updates are done because i'm trying to increase activity, as you can see. If you can try to have a 15-30 minute time off your weekend, or 1 random day you choose and play with your friend (or even by yourself), you're giving our server a chance to become active because when there are people on the server, the listing on main list goes up, people click on the server. That's why i am usually hyped for meetings and when they don't work i get upset. No one has to or is forced to come to these meetings, same goes for liking CS:GO. If you don't, it's perfectly okay. If anyone wants to help us making this server a thing, meet new people, please follow the instructions above.

Thanks for your time reading this.

Any problems? Always here to help you, PM me anytime!
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Re: Announcing Updates For CS:GO Server

Postby ivVin » Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:33 pm

hmmm sounds nice ,gonna check
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