[INFO] Team Roles In Competetive Matches

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[INFO] Team Roles In Competetive Matches

Postby Ege » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:08 pm


I want to talk about an important in-game factor for CS:GO competetive matches.
Usually we see on proffesional games, there is just 1 guy who always plays AWP and others play rifles.
But what do they actually do? This is one of the first things you need to know before you go into any serious matchmaking;

Here are the main roles:
  • Entry Fragger - The first one in. - Aggressive. Great shot. Great communication.
  • Playmaker - Get trade kills if the Entry Fragger goes down. - Aggressive. Great shot. Great in the clutch. Great communication.
  • Strat Caller - Calls the round strategies (and/or ct positioning). - Great knowledge of the game. Great communication.
  • Support - Aid those in need of a pop flash or smoke. - Great knowledge of nades. Passive. Can stay calm and pick up trade kills. Great communication.
  • Awper - The primary awp. - Great reaction time. Great aim. Can entry. Great communication.
  • Lurker - Unpredic
    table to keep the enemies on their toes. - Great knowledge of rotations. Great positioning. Great use of sound. Great communication.

These are not official, but usually are used.

Which one do you think you are? You can be both 2 classes at the same time. Tell me which one do you feel the closest?

Eqe :hfive:
Any problems? Always here to help you, PM me anytime!
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